Farfetch Boutique gives us a briliant interview with Colin Morgan talking about his upcomming projects “The living and the dead” and the movie “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”.

But they also give us a small update as to Colin’s personal views on costumes, clothing and brands.

The Bonus Round: Getting to know Colin Morgan

What’s your favourite designer label?
‘Dolce & Gabbana have wonderful suits and I think they have a real modern-classic style that really appeals to me.’

Your scariest horror movie?
‘I’m generally not easily unsettled by the horror genre. However I do remember the film version of Roald Dahl’s The Witches being terrifying as a child.’

What luxury item would you want on a desert island?
‘My entire music collection: I love my music – if you were to ask me to narrow it down to one album, I wouldn’t even know where to begin!’

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