Colin Morgan has definately moved on from being the young BBC star in Merlin. As he is shining on the stage of the Globe Theatre in London. Colin can be admired since 23rd of April untill August the 18th in the play “The Tempest” he is starring as the character “Ariel”

Tickets and official information on the play can be found on the website of The Globe

The play is a huge succes but I would like to remind you all that Colin is not working alone in this play. The credit goes just as well to all the other actors and workers who are making this performance possible.

Ofcourse since this page is however following the carreer of the former Merlin cast members I will stick to the information about Colin Morgan.

The Globe has also confirmed per tweet, that the play “The Tempest” will be filmed and released on DVD in 2014.

Here are several reactions and reviews of people who have seen or will go see the play.

General tweets – no spoilers

Twitter user AProperSaying @The_Globe laughed and sighed so much! Loved every moment of #Tempest especially Caliban and Ariel’s bird! Completely in awe of all! Thanks
Twitter user clairecs1 #intervaltweet #Tempest @The_Globe for 1st night so far so good 🙂
Twitter user doc_follower #tempest at the Globe is the funniest I have ever seen without losing the profundity of the play
Twitter user flawedamythyst So The Tempest was awesome. Roger Allam was excellent, as was Colin Morgan, which I wasn’t expecting as much.
Twitter user gemmaallred @The_Globe – Allam’s prospero is tender and loved Morgan’s agile, ethereal, ariel – his feet barely touched the stage! Loved it! #tempest
Twitter user JoeyDenham #Tempest at @The_Globe was one of the best experiences of my short little life.
Twitter user LucyTwitsTheSky What i saw was however fab and all Colin Morgan fans should be very excited about his outfit #Tempest
Twitter user MrSamRice @The_Globe What a great way to start the season! Terrific cast. I’m glad I have another ticket in August. #Tempest
Twitter user Shiva17 There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing the #Tempest was at @The_Globe. Absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see it again.
Twitter user StickBeetle2 @The_Globe outstanding performances by all the cast, absolutely superb!! #Tempest

Tweets – including spoilers

Twitter user cherryoak
■ 1St half report Colin is a singing, swinging & tumbling god! You’re in for a treat if you’re going to see #tempest at #shakespeareglobe
■ #Tempest thing about Colin so much acting with his eyes. Including a blinking thing his make-up is superb. Other cast have you in stitches
■ Joyfest what a pleasure to see such a performance open night perfection all cast outstanding. #Tempest amazing clap along at end

Twitter user claireyfairy1
■ There’s an epic queue for the groundling ticket holders. Never seen that before! #thetempest
■ In seats! Stage has been extended considerably! #Tempest
■ Wow Colin is, and looks, amazing! His accent is perfect. And he’s got a great stage presence. Awesome. #Tempest
■ Colin can’t sing though, bless him! It’s fine, but you can tell it’s not a strength. Kudos for doing it anyway! #tempest
■ @Brikkygirl13 Not bad, just not a natural singer. He’ll get better into the run I should think.
■ Amazing! Bravo! Really enjoyed that. Very good performances all round. Can’t wait to see how it changes! #Tempest
■ Btw Colin dancing at the end and laughing his head off is the best thing I’ve seen in ages! #Tempest
■ We have been told Colin has already left, so he must have run out! Bet he’s off to a celebration. #Tempest
■ @Narlth Someone from the theatre came out and told everyone waiting he’d gone.

Twitter user gemalem
■ @EmrysDragonlord none! Hes got a top that is weird like spikey Lizard like or something lol
■ At #Tempest Colin is looking creeeepy man! Struggling to hear some of it cos people keep whispering 🙁
■ @merlinian103 a silvery coloured skin tight top with sort of plastic spikes/feathers and basically a skirt
■ @Cararules Well they all sucked the air out of the globe with their gasps when he came on stage 😛

Twitter user i_am_she_wolf
■ #Tempest @The_Globe WOW!! Loved #RogerAllam as Prospero, but #ColinMorgan stole the show as April! Amazing acrobatics! And mystery… BRAVO!
■ #Tempest @The_Globe #ColinMorgan perfect spirit, climbs, jumps, runs, sings, dances.. Climbed the post 5in from me!:) and Fury on stilts!

Twitter user merlex71
■ Note to anyone with tkts for ‘yard’ …queue from before 6pm 🙂 queue already formed. #Tempest
■ Oh my god! This is amazing!!!!!!! #Tempest
■ Everyone in #Tempest are superb! Bravo! @The_Globe thank u for a brilliant performance …& still more to come 🙂
■ @Aggy_K Colin has a gorgeous singing voice …& very agile 😉
■ @Narlth brilliant. The whole thing was amazing. U need to be in middle or right hand side of stage 🙂 Colin was pure genius :))
■ @The_Globe All I can say about #Tempest is WOW! Thank u to all involved for a fabulous, funny, and fun filled evening! Amazing cast x
■ #ColinMorgan in #Tempest proved what a great actor he is. Agile, serious/intense, funny, singing, dancing…amazing talented man 🙂

Twitter user MouseTaylor
■ Loved #Tempest @The_Globe tonight. Good audience, great cast. Good to be back.
■ I don’t know why everyone is excited about the singing; I was more impressed by Colin Morgan’s monkey bars flip thing. #tempest @The_Globe

Twitter user Nats_1602
■ So first half down of the #Tempest – great use of the stage. Very humorous too! Colin looking spritely! Swinging and jumping around the set!
■ @viennajones interval time now!! Really enjoying it so far! Colin is equal amounts intense, funny, creepy and wonderful! #tempest
■ @vix_spes it’s mightily enjoyable so far! Considering its opening night there have been no apparent slip ups! Other than Miranda with an
■ @vix_spes misplaced sword! Hee!
■ So that was good! Long, and my feet hate me but good! #tempest The whole ensemble were fantastic! If you’re going you’re in for a treat!
■ Also, just as Bradley teased, Colin does have an ‘angelic’ voice! 😉 #tempest
■ @yavannauk hey hun! Unfortunate didn’t get a chance to say hello properly. Take it you enjoyed the show as much as I did! And I second your
■ @yavannauk tweet about the wings! Mightily impressive indeed! Plus I have no idea how he managed to walk on those feet! Looked so
■ @yavannauk uncomfortable up close!

Twitter user VampireSoup
■ Despite the agony of my feet, I really enjoyed the Globe’s #Tempest. Even the long boring bits (oops, did I say that? Sorry, Shakespeare!)
■ Aww, bless. Colin Morgan was concentrating so hard on his wide-eyed-blink (excellently done) he forgot how to do his curtain call routine.
■ Ariel is a lilac hedgehog. #Tempest

Twitter user yavannauk
■ First half of The Tempest was excellent and, yeah, “agile” is a good way to describe Colin! Also, lovely singing voice! 🙂
■ OK, with the full wings *that* costume is a lot more impressive! 🙂

Thanks to Merlin Network for this list

Reviews –  may include spoilers

Source: Daily Mail

Colin ‘Merlin’ Morgan gives a decidedly ‘dainty Ariel’ — think Star Trek Spock’s camp nephew. I have not heard ‘where the bee sucks’ sung worse. Director James Herrin should insist he takes music lessons.

Source: The Arts Desk

This is largely the product of Roger Allam’s delicately-handled Prospero – flightier even than Ariel in his shifting character.

[…] Colin Morgan’s Ariel (pictured right) benefits from a rather overtly-pointed emotional subplot involving Prospero and their relationship, and while possessed of excellent comic timing his presence does rather dilute the more central emotional dramas.’

Source: The Stage

Ariel is presented as a camp-looking spirit, dressed in a tight, lilac, feather-covered top, voluminous trousers and white boots. In Ariel, the impressive Colin Morgan is given ample opportunity to demonstrate his athleticism, with the sprightly imp frequently scurrying up walls and swinging by his arms to carry himself about the stage in an other-worldly, magical way.

Source: Guardian

But it’s a major performance that shows Prospero to be a man of feeling who even sheds a furtive tear at Ariel’s enfranchisement and who, in handing over his daughter, recognises that love sometimes means letting go.

Colin Morgan as a nimble Ariel and James Garnon as a Caliban who burps and spits in the groundlings’ faces.’

Source: Daily Telegraph
It is through the influence of the spirit Ariel that Prospero’s feelings become more tender.

Colin Morgan memorably captures Ariel’s mixture of the ethereal and the petulant.’

Source: Radio Times

The Merlin star’s nimble acrobatics and ethereal portrayal of Ariel neatly compliments the raging presence of Allam’s sorcerer Prospero.

Prospero’s playful spirit Ariel (Morgan) is never far from his side, carrying out his bidding and manipulating his defenceless subjects. For a bulky man, Morgan’s nymph-like movements are impressively acrobatic, as he silently gallops, creeps, swings, shimmies – and even cartwheels – across the stage with a camp, fidgety temperament that captures the ethereal essence of the production – not a million miles away from the eponymous hero he made his name playing in Merlin.

All in all, a simplisitc approach to Shakespeare’s bewitching yarn that relies on some masterful acting, especially from Allam, Morgan and James, to add colour to Shakespeare’s much-loved verse.’

Source: The London Magazine

The pace of the production is skilfully developed, with Colin Morgan’s Ariel pivotal, injecting a spellbinding touch (in scenes of startlingly confident theatricality) and bringing home the play’s concerns with freedom. Morgan is athletic and otherworldly, mellow rather than mischievous and played with an intelligent depth that builds up the fascinating relationship with his master Prospero: it is here that the understated quality of Herrin’s production finds its power.
Source: Official London Theatre

Colin Morgan – reclaiming the enchanting powers he exercised in BBC series Merlin – is enthralling and ethereal as Prospero’s servant Ariel, elegantly swinging off staircases and cartwheeling across the vast stage under the command of his master. Donning an exquisite costume formed of delicate pale wisps, the obedient sprite couldn’t differ more from James Garnon’s hideous Caliban, a deformed and terrifying creature who stumbles around the stage, bemoaning and burping at the audience.

Source: The Upcoming.

Colin Morgan’s Ariel, is tall, graceful, and calm spirited. His expression is controlled and, with this, majestic and spellbinding. His natural height and obvious flexibility support these choices, but he has absolutely made this well known character his own and succeeded in doing so.

Source: Time Out London

Here’s a pitch for a sitcom: there’s this middle-aged bachelor – let’s have him played by Roger Allam from ‘The Thick of It’, say – and he’s also a magician, right? And he lives on a desert island with his precocious teenage daughter Miranda – maybe somebody from one of those Andrew Lloyd Webber talent shows to play her – an oddball fairy called Ariel – Colin Morgan from ‘Merlin’ is free now, right? – and a rape-happy goblin called Caliban. Hilarious, yeah? And then, uh-oh! Guess who drops in? Only his evil brother Antonio.

[…] And while he’s on stage, everything goes to plan – his slightly stilted repartee with Morgan’s somewhat confused Ariel is a hoot in particular’

Source: London Theatre

Colin Morgan is an efficient, alien-like, frock-wearing Ariel.

Source: Londonist

No, we haven’t forgotten everyone else. Colin Morgan (of Merlin fame) plays his Ariel as a childlike naïf, navigating the set with parkour skills to represent his light otherworldliness.

As well as amping up the funny, director Jeremy Herrin has created some visual spectacles, too. When Ariel terrifies the shipwrecked Italian nobles he bursts onto the stage as a huge bird, ready to peck their eyes out. ‘

Source: What’s On Stage

Roger Allam’s mellifluous tones suggest a man wholly in love with learning; there’s a delicacy in his scenes with Colin Morgan’s fleet-of-foot Ariel, a touch of tenderness. What’s missing is the roughness: how did such a bookish man enslave Caliban and keep his Ariel in thrall?

Source: London Evening Standard
Roger Allam’s richly bearded Prospero weighs every word exquisitely and Colin Morgan, as Ariel, swings from the scenery with acrobatic precision. But what’s missing from director Jeremy Herrin’s interpretation is a sense of magic.

[…] Colin Morgan, so familiar from the BBC’s Merlin, is poised and understated as Prospero’s servant Ariel. The programme includes a credit for a “parkour trainer” — Chris Rowat — and it doesn’t take long to work out who the beneficiary has been as Morgan swings from the scenery with acrobatic precision. Yet he also has moments of pale, ethereal stillness.’

Source: Curtis Brown Talent Agency

Roger Allam stars as Prospero with Colin Morgan as his nimble spirit Ariel, in this magical tale about a ship wreck on an enchanted island.

Credit to the wonderful review list goes to Colin-Fans on Livejournal


Yesterday, I saw The Tempest for the second (and a half ^^) time, and oh my gosh, it was so much better than the first time. All the actors showed so much more confidence in their performances, everything felt stronger, more powerful, and also more funny. 😉 People were laughing way more than last time. And there was lots of spontaneous applause… e.g. for Ferdinand and Miranda’s declaration of love, but also for Colin’s harpy. The atmosphere was infectious, and sometimes it seemed the actors had a hard time to control themselves as well. *lol*

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