Rupert Francis Young was born at 16th May 1978 (Taurus) in England, UK.

He is 6’4” (1,95 m). He has dark fair hair, blue eyes, and is right handed.

He is best known for portraying the character of Leon in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.

Rupert Young is professionally represented by Conway, Van Gelder & Grant, London.

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Rupert Young trained at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

He began acting at the age of 5, when he played a donkey in a school play and he thought he was very good.

He has a brother and is terrified of snakes.

Rupert made his debut in TV show business in 2004 when he played a British soldier in the TV series Island at War.
Later this year he played a character named Josh in the movie Dirty Filthy Love.
And also appeared in the TV series Doc Martin as Adriann Pits.

In 2006 Rupert Young reappeared on in the TV series Foyle’s War and Heartbeat.

In 2008 Ruper was seen in another small role in the Tv series Primeval in the 2nd episode of the 2nd season. His character is called Mike.

Rupert gained another role in the short movie Just Because You’re Paranoid… in 2009 and also appeared in the TV series Hotel Babylon.

2009 was also the year Rupert Young was cast for the popular BBC hit Series Merlin as Sir Leon. A noble knight of Camelot.
Rupert first appeared in the episode called; A once and Future Queen. Which is in season 2. Rupert got a last minute audition for his role in Merlin, so he had to watch as much of the series one as he could in one day.

Despite having been practicing for many days, Rupert was terrified and forgot the line he had to deliver in his first scene in Merlin. He thought he was gonna be cut out of the show. However, all the Merlin cast individually enjoyed his company and his acting so much that they perintenseaded the producers for the actor to be back on the show as a regular.

In 2010 Rupert Young was becoming a more regular cast member of the BBC series Merlin. But he also appeared in the TV series Shameless.

In 2011 Rupert Young appeared in the music video; Worships House of Glass as the boyfriend directed by Blake Claridge. Rupert also poses for a photo shoot for Gay Times Magazine, isintensee number 398 (‘The Isintensee’), ‘The Knights of Merlin’ photo shoot. Photographer: Leigh Keily.

2012 Rupert appears in another short movie called This Love.

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