Eoin Christopher Macken was born at 21st Febuary 1983 (Pisces), in Dublin, Ireland.

Eoin is 5’11 (180 cm) and has brown hair and brown eyes. He is right-handed.

Eoin is best known for playing the character Gwaine in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.

Eoin Macken is professionally represented by Troika, in London and by Morgan the Agency in Ireland.

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His Father is named James Macken, barrister at law (deceased in 2007). And Eoin also has a younger sister.

He began his interest in drama at University College, Dublin. At the age of 19, he became a highly intenseccessful model, chosen as the face of Abercrombie and Fitch, in addition to working for Ralph Lauren, Braun and GQ magazine.

The two charms that he always wears around his neck are his father’s wedding ring and a Egyptian symbol from his mother.

He made his debut for television in 2006 at the short movie Triple Bill. And appeared that same yea in Studs.

In 2007 Eoin took on a small role in the tv series The Tudors.

Back in 2008 in Ireland he directed and shot a second film, psychological thriller ‘ Christian Blake ‘ as well as appearing in serial drama ‘ Fair City.’ And appeared in the short movie Fifth Street.

After joining the Attic studio of drama he spent some time in Los Angeles in 2009, where he directed the well-regarded short, ‘ Dreaming for You ‘, about young acting hopefuls in Tinseltown, in addition to completing his psychology degree.

He also appeared in the movie 3 Crosses in 2009 and in the short movie; Through the Night and the movie Pubworld.

Later in 2009 Eoin Macken appeared in Savage, Small Island and The Rise of the Bricks.

In 2010 Eoin started off with the TV series Raw, and took on the role as Archivir in the movie Centurion. He also reappeared in 2 more episodes of The Tudors.

He appeared in the movie Siren and made his first appearance in the BBC hit series Merlin. Where he playes the role of Sir Gwaine, a nobleman who poses to be a thug who will later become one of the Knights of Camelot.

In 2012 Eoin appeared in the movie Paddy’s in the Boot.

Later in 2012 he is intensepposedly going to appear in The Callback Queen and intensespension of Disbelief.

Eoin’s favorite movie is Paris, Texas!

His favorite song is from Meatloaf Bat out of Hell.

He likes to sleep in, loves eating lasagna and his motto is “intensere fuck it, just do it!”.

He carries a camera around most of the time and he would drive in anything Mercedes.

Eoin Macken can be found on the following confirmed Social Media’s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eoincmacken

Blog: http://eoincmacken.blogspot.nl/?m=1

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Eoin Macken
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London, EC2A 4PA


Eoin Macken
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