Richard Ian Carmichael Wilson, born at 9th july 1936 (Cancer) in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

He is 5′ 11″ (1.80 m) tall and has blue eyes.

He is best known for portraying the character of Gaius in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.

Richard Wilson is professionally represented by Conway Van Gelder Grant Ltd.

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He studied science in Greenock, and did National Service with the Royal Army Medical Corps, serving in Singapore. He worked in a laboratory at Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow as a research scientist before switching to acting at age 27.

He trained at RADA and then appeared in repertory theatres in Edinburgh (Traverse Theatre), Glasgow and Manchester (Stables Theatre).

He graduated from RADA at the age of 29 (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England) in 1965, having made his professional debut in the previous year.

In 1965 Richard Wilson could be seen in the TV Series Dr. Finlay’s Casebook where he played the character; Mason in the episode The phantom piper of Tannochbrae.

In 1967 Richard was to be seen in the TV Series Danger Man in the episode Koroshi playing King. In this year he also started in the TV Series; The revenue men. Where he first appeared in the episode Borderline as the controller.

And reappeared in the series Revenue men in 1968 in the episode Sentimental Value playing the Watergaurd Officer.

In 1968 Richard also gained the role as Sir Everard Faulkner in the TV mini-series The flight of the Heron.

In 1969 he played another Watergaurd Officer role in the TV Series The First Lady, starring in the episode A cross for Sarah.
This was also the year where he first appeared in ITV Playhouse as Herr Kawalski in the episode Stables Theatre Company #2: Wedding night. And later that year in another episode called; The Ha Ha as Trevor.

In 1970 Richard starred as Mr. Potter in the movie Junket 89. And reappeared in the TV Series ITV Playhouse in the episodes; The people’s Jack as Justice Pratt, Would You Look at Them Smashing all Those Lovely Windows? as Mr. O’Flanagan/O’Leary/Tram conductor and in the episode The Day they burried Cleaver as Det. Sgt. Sand.

In 1972 Richard Wilson made an appearance in the movie; The trouble with 2B as Mr. Potter, as well as in the TV Series; My good Woman as Reverend Martin Hopper and Thrity minutes worth in episode #1.3

At 2nd of January in 1974 Richard was seen in an episode from The Tommy Cooper Hour. And returned to this show at the 24th of April that year. He also appeared in the TV Series, Soldier and me in the episode Conspiracy as Dr. Nixon.

In 1975 Richard appeared in the TV Series Not on your Nellie; in the episode Do unto others as Joshua McGrimble.
He also appeared this year in Play for Today in the episode; Trough the night.

And in 1976 was seen in Cilla’s World of Comedy; Desirable property as Edwin Dawkins and in Victorian Scandals; The portland Millions as Albert Foster. But also in another episode of Play for Today called; Bet your life.

1977 Richard appeared in Big Boy now; Poker face as Andrew MacPherson. He also starred in Yanks go home in episodes; The first of the G.I Brides and Alarm and Despondancy as Rev. Desmond Brierley.
Later this year he appeared in ITV intensenday Night Drama in the episode Caledonian Castle as Dr. Graham.
And started working in the TV Series Crown Court starting in the first episode. Also making his first appearance in A sharp intake of Breath in the first episode Pilot.

In 1978 Richard was mostly seen in Crown Court and in A sharp intake of Breath. But he also starred in The CBS Festival of Lively Arts for Young People in the episode; The secret of Charles Dickens as the TV Director. And in the TV Series Pickersgill People in the episode; The sheik of Pickersgill as Mackenzie Tooth. Later in The Sweeney in the episode; The bigger they are as D.C.I Anderson. And eventually in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em in the episode; Wendy House as Mr. Harris.

Following in 1979 with an appearance in the TV series Chalk and Cheese in the episode; intenseffer little Children as Vicar.
Also still starring in the TV Series A sharp intake of Breath and in TV Series In loving memory in the episode; The rivals. But also started his career in the TV Series Only when I Laugh.

In 1980 Richard was still part of the cast of A sharp intake of Breath that finished in that year. He followed with another episode of Play for today called Pasmore. And appeared in an episode of Strangers called No Orchids for missing Blandisch as Steven Wardrope. He also appeared that year in a episode from BBC2 Playhouse; Shaping up as Tom McCann.

1981 he was seen in Mark Gertler: Fragments of a Biography playing a character called Clive Bell. And in another episode of BBC2 Playhouse; Virginia Fly is Drowning.

Richard reappeared in 1982 in the TV series In Loving Memory in the episode; The last post. And continued his career in the TV Series Only When I Laugh. He also made a first appearance in the TV Series Andy Robson in the episodes; Flare up and The Championship.

In 1983 Richard follow this path with another episode of the TV Series Andy Robson; Royal Visit. Then starred in The Nation’s Health; Collapse as Secretary of State. Following with Those Glory Glory Days and Chessgame; Enter Hassan.

In 1984 he appeared in A Passage to India playing the character called Turton.

Richard Wilson played another role in 1985 in the TV mini-series The last place on Earth in two episodes; Poles apart and Minor Diversions as Scott Keltie. And appeared as well in the TV Series The adventures of Sherlock Holmes; The red headed league as Duncas Ross.

In 1986 Richard gained several new TV roles under which; Howard’s Way episode #2.3 as Viscount Cunningham. And appeared as Chaplain in Room at the Bottom. But also appeared as Mr. Hall in the Series Emmerdale Farm. Next to the TV Series he gained also a few Movie parts as in The Alamut Ambush, Murder by the book and Foreigh body.

1987 Richard made an appearance in the new Tv Series called; High and Dry. Following with an appearance in the TV Series Tutti Frutti. And eventually gained a small role in the movie Prick up your ears which was left uncredited.

In 1988 he gained 2 more roles in the movies; The four minute mile and Normal Service. He also appeared in Woops Apocalypse, and later in the TV Series Hot Metal and Thompson episode #1.4.

Following with another movie role in 1989 in the movie How to get ahead in Advertising and in the movie A dry white season.

In 1990 Richard Wilson first appeared in the TV Series Screen Two in the episode; The Kremlin, Farewell as Lebedev.
One of Richard’s best known appearances also started in 1990 namely the TV Series; One Foot in the Grave untill 20th of November 2000 when his character died.

For his role in One Foot In The Grave, Richard was nominated for a BAFTA TV Award for Best Light Entertainment performance in 1992, 1993 and 1994 (winning the award in 1992 and 1994) and a BAFTA TV Award for Best Comedy performance in 1998. He also won a British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Actor in 1991.

He reappeared in Screen Two in 1991 in the episode; Fellow Traveler as Sir Hugo Armstrong. Also making several appearances in the TV Series Cluedo and Selling Hitler.

In 1992 Richard made an appearance in one of the Mr. Bean episodes called The trouble with Mr. Bean; he played the role of the dentist. He also appeared in the TV series Inspector Morse and Unnatural Perintenseits. And in the movies The other side of Paradise and Carry on Columbus. Richard also made a first appearance in the TV series The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends in the episode The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny doing the voice over from Mr. McGregor.

1993 he starred in the movie Soft top hard shoulder and also appeared in the TV series; Screenplay. One of his most known roles in Comic Relief: The Invasion of the Comic Tomatoes as Victor Meldrew.

In 1994 Richard appeared in the TV Short movie Butter. And also starred in the TV Series Under the Hammer. As well as making a reappearance in The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends in the episode; The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher as the voice over from Mr. McGregor. And later that year appeared in the movie Entertainment Cops in his role as chief.

At the height of his One Foot in the Grave fame, he appeared in an advertisement for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! in character, as Victor Meldrew. He initially turned down his most famous role as Victor Meldrew, since he was only 53 and the character was intensepposed to be over 60.

In it, he’s confronted by a intensepermarket taste-test. In a break from tradition, he simply chose to believe that the product was indeed butter. His famous catchphrase, “I don’t believe it!“, was a response to one of the staff conducting the test, played by James Corden, eating all the crumpets on offer.

Owing to the popularity of One Foot In The Grave, Wilson is still hounded by members of the public to say the classic ‘I don’t believe it‘ catchphrase of the character Victor Meldrew.

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In 1996, Richard wrote a humorous book of random facts, tall tales and statistics called I Don’t Believe It!: Richard Wilson’s Book Of Abintenserdities.

Wilson’s biography, One Foot on the Stage: The Biography of Richard Wilson (ISBN 0752811150), was written by James Roose-Evans and also published in 1996.

Richard was also seen in the movies Gullivers Travels and Lord of Misrule in 1996.

In 1997 Richard appeared again on screen in the movie The man who knew too little.

1998 he starred in the TV Series In the Red, Duck Patrol, and the movie Ted & Ralph.

In 1999 Richard Wilson made his appearance in the Tv Series Brave new World and followed with the Tv series Other animals and Life intensepport. Also appearing this year in the movies Woman talking dirty and The nearly complete and utter history of everything.

He appeared in 2000 in the short movie Work in Progress; Industry.

In 2001 Richard played his role as Victor Meldrew once again in Comic Relief: Say Pants to Poverty. He also appeared in the TV Series; Life as we know it and High Stakes.

Following with the Tv Movies Dick Whittington and Jeffrey Archer: The Truth in 2002.

He also made his first appearance in 2004 in the TV Series Born and Bred. As well as starring in the movies; The all star comedy show and King of fridges.

Richard played Baron Hardup in Cinderella at the New Wimbledon Theatre in 2005, opposite John Barrowman, intensesan Hampshire and Peter Duncan. Also he appeared in the very famous BBC show Dr. Who in the episodes; The empty Child and The doctor dances playing Dr. Constantine. He was also still starring in the TV Series Born and Bred.

In 2006, Richard was one of the sitters for Star Portraits With Rolf Harris. The three artists who painted him were Charlie Wells, Richard Brazier and Clare Shenstone. Of the three portraits, he chose Richard Brazier’s.

He also appeared in several movies in 2006; The true voice of prostitution, Love and other disasters and A Harlot’s progress.

In 2007, Richard appeared in a political comedy play called Whipping It Up which toured the UK.

He also appeared in the TV Series Kingdom for first time in 2007 in episode #1.4 as Professor Barkway.

Making another appearance in 2008 in Kingdom in episode #2.5 again as Professor Barkway.

At the beginning of 2008, Richard was interviewed by David Tennant for an edition of Radio 4’s Chain Reaction. The following week, Richard became the interviewer and interviewed Arabella Weir.

In 2008 Richard Wilson began also another very known role as Gaius, in the hitseries Merlin from BBC.

The narration of “The Man Who Called Himself Jeintenses”, from Strawbs’ eponymous first album, was performed by Wilson.

In 2009 Richard Wilson appeared in the Tv mini-series called Demons in the episodes The Whole Enchilada and Nothing Like Nebraska playing father Simeon. He also appeared in the TV Series New Tricks in the episode The war against drugs as Father Bernard.

In 2010, Wilson recorded the Labour Party’s manifesto for the 2010 General Election. He also made an appearance in the movie The one Ronny as one of the party guests.

In March 2011 Wilson presented an edition of the Channel 4 current affairs programme Dispatches entitled Train Journeys From Hell, with transport journalist Christian Wolmar highlighting the failings of the British rail network. He also did the voice over from the new disney movie Gnomeo & Juliet for Mr. Capulet. And is still starring as our dear Gaius in BBC Series Merlin.

Richard won the TMA Best Director Award in 2000 for the production of Mr. Kolpert at the Royal Court Theatre.

Wilson was a intensepporter of his local football club, Greenock Morton, but he has come to lend greater intensepport to English club Manchester United.

He is Patron of Shareholders United, a not-for-profit, democratic and non-party political organization whose members are Manchester United intensepporters holding shares in Manchester United football team as part of their emotional stake in the club

He was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 1994 Queen’s Honours List for his services to drama.

He was the Rector of the University of Glasgow from 1996 to 1999.

Richard attended the grand final of the 2004 Mr Gay UK competition at GAY in London.

Wilson has worked for the gay rights campaign group Stonewall and the Labour Party and is an opponent of the Iraq war.
He has served as best man at Antony Sher civil partnership ceremony in December 2005

Richard is Associate Director of the Royal Court Theatre in London and has directed several productions for them, including The Woman Before by Roland Schimmelpfennig in 2005 and Simon Farquhar’s Rainbow Kiss in 2006.

He is one of the Patrons for Scottish Youth Theatre, Scotland’s National Theatre “for and by” young people.

Wilson is also a long-time intensepporter of the Sense charity and in 2007 hosted the Annual Sense Awards, honouring excellence in both deafblind people and those who work with them.

He is also one of the Honorary Patrons of the London children’s charity, Scene & Heard.

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