Katherine ‘Katie’ Elizabeth McGrath was born in 1983, birthday unconfirmed in Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland.

She is 5’5″ (1.67 m) tall, her natural hair color is blonde and she has green eyes.

She is best known for portraying the character of Morgana in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.

Katie McGrath is professionally represented by Hamilton Hodell in London.

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In the past Katie has been quite a rebel, painting her hair in several colors and even shaving it into a mohawk.

While in school Katie played the lead in the play Daisy Pulls It Off .As well as she was in the debating society in school, she was the president.

Katie, unlike Colin and Bradley, had not intended to become an actor ever since she was young. Quite the opposite; Katie McGrath graduated in History at the Trinity College, Dublin. She wanted to work in fashion journalism and took a job at Image magazine.

After this, her mother’s best friend, an assistant director, helped get her a job as a wardrobe assistant on the series “The Tudors” in 2007. Whilst working on the production some of the staff intenseggested she tried acting. A cast driver on the series passed her a list with the actors’ agents on it, so she wrote and sent photos to them.

Katie got her first acting job only three months after finding an agent.

This starting her career as an actrice she was to be seen at the following points;

  • Katie then became starred in Damage as Rachel, an Irish TV-movie in 2007.
  • She also starred in Bedrock Productions’s play La Marea at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2007.
  • She also appeared in the feature film Eden
  • and later that year in the movie Freakdog
  • Had a small role on the tudorsas Bess.
  • Before being cast in Merlin as Morganain 2008.
  • Katie McGrath also starred in a five-part docudrama for Channel 4 exploring the life of Queen Elizabeth II, in which she played a young Princess Margaretin 2009.
  • In 2010, McGrath was cast in Madonna’s directorial debut W.E., a King Edward VIII biopic. It was later revealed that McGrath is to play Lady Thelma Furness, the king’s former mistress who introduces him to Wallis Simpson.
  • In February 2011, McGrath began filming the comedy-drama film A Princess for Christmasin Romania.
  • In September 2011, Katie started voice recording for a character in an upcoming animated short film Trìd an Stoirm.
  • Later that month, McGrath was cast as Oriane Congost in Labyrinth.


  • Virgin Media TV Award in the category of Best Actress, Best Baddy and Hottest Female for her role of Morgana in Merlin, December 2011.
  • National TV Awards 2012, in the category of Best Drama Performance for her role of Morgana in Merlin.
  • 51st Monte Carlo Television Festival in the category of Outstanding Actress/Drama for her role of Morgana in Merlin, Monaco June 2011.
  • 49th Monte Carlo Television Festival in the category of Best Actress for her role of Morgana in Merlin, Monaco June 2009.


  • Virgin Media TV Award in the category of BestBaddy for her role of Morgana in Merlin.

2012 Public Appearances:

Colin and Katie @ Comin Con SDCC 2012

October 24th, 2012: BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

October 21st, 2012: T4.

July 15th, 2012 Comic-Con International with Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps.

2011 Public Appearances:

October 23rd, 2011: W.E. premiere, BFI Film Festival, London, UK.
October 14th, 2011: The Late Late Show, RTE Studios, Dublin, Ireland with Merlin co-stars Colin Morgan and Eoin Macken.
October 1st, 2011: BBC Breakfast with Merlin co-stars Adetomiwa Edun, Colin Morgan, Eoin Macken, Rupert Young and Tom Hopper.
September 15th, 2011: London BFI Southbank Merlin Season 4EP1 Preview and Q&A with Angel Coulby, Colin Morgan and Executive Producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy.
July 24th, 2011: San Diego Comic Con Merlin Panel with Anthony Head, Bradley James and Colin Morgan.
July 19th, 2011: Charlie’s Chinese restaurant and bar launch party, Harpenden, UK.
July 2nd, 2011: Merlin panel at the Comic Con Expo in Paris with Colin Morgan, Bradley James and show writer Julian Jones.
June 10th-11th, 2011: Montecarlo Television Film Festival with Anthony Head.
April 16th, 2011: The Dragon Tower attraction with Merlin co-stars Angel Coulby, Anthony Head and Richard Wilson, Warwick Castle, Warwick, England.
April 9th, 2011: Merlin panel at the Kapow Comic Con, London with Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby and Executive Producer Johnny Capps.
January 25th 2011: InBest of British Talent Party at Shoreditch House in London.

2010 Public Appearances:

November 3rd, 2010: InDolce & Gabbana Party in London.
September 17th, 2010:Sam & Mark’s TMI Friday showon CBBC with Angel Coulby.
September 10th, 2010: Yahoo.uk interview with Angel Coulby, Bradley James and Anthony Head.
September 6th, 2010: TV Choice Awards at The Dorchester hotel in London’s Park Lane.
September 6th, 2010: BBC 1Xtra show with Angel Coulby.
September 5th, 2010: BFI Southbank Merlin Season 3EP1 and Season 3EP2 Preview and Q&A with Merlin main cast and producers.
July 1st, 2010: Merlin panel at the Comic Con Expo in Paris with Angel Coulby.
May 29th, 2010: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with Angel Coulby, Colin Morgan and Johnny Capps.
February 19th, 2010: Lancome and Harper’s Bazaar Pre-BAFTA Party at St. Martins Lane Hotel, London.

2009 Public Appearances:

November 29th, 2009: British Academy Childrens Awards at Hilton Park Lane Hotel London.
November 21st 2009: Inside the World of Merlin with Bafta, Barbican Centre, London with Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Merlin crew.
November 20th 2009: Children In Need appeal with Merlin cast.
November 12th 2009: Cardiff Xmas Wonderland Switchon with Merlin cast.
October 25th, 2009: London MCM Expo with Angel Coulby and Johnny Capps.
October 10th 2009: TMI with Angel Coulby.
September 16th, 2009: Digital Spy with Angel Coulby.
September 7th 2009: TV Choice Awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London with Anthony Head.
September 6th 2009: T4 with Bradley James and Colin Morgan.
September 6th 2009: BFI Merlin S2EP1 Preview and Q&A with Merlin main cast and producers.
July 11th 2009: Oxegen 2009 with Colin Morgan.
June 2nd 2009: Glamour Women of the Year Awards at Berkeley Square Gardens London.
May 23rd 2009: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with Merlin young cast members and producer.
February 14th 2009: Irish Film and Television Awards with Colin Morgan.

2008 Public Appearances:

November 14th 2008: Children In Need appeal with Merlin cast.
November 7th 2008: Sound BBC2 Music Show with Angel Coulby.
October 25th 2008: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with Merlin cast and crew.

2007 Public Appearances:

September 23rd 2007: Save Tara, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, Ireland with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

About her appreciation for the wardrobe department;

I used to take up hems on the Tudors for six months. And I can’t even sew, so I get what it means if I rip my dress: two hours for someone to stitch it. – Dailyrecord, October 6 2009.
about unexpectedly haveing become an actress;

I won the lottery because I didn’t know I would love this so much and I’m so lucky to have gotten the chance. – CTV.ca, October 2008.

about her acting experience;

I hadn’t acted much. I’d been in school plays, but I wasn’t a drama-school kid and my family aren’t performers. – Tribune Magazine, December 2008.

about her favourite scenes in Merlin;

My favourite scenes are always the scenes I do with Colin [Colin Morgan] – SciFiChick, August 2009.

about her idea of what being an actress was like;

I was looking at these actresses sort of sitting around under umbrellas, people bringing them cold drinks and I was like, ‘That looks so much easier than what I’m doing’ and I was so wrong.

about her proffesional ambitions;

I just want to do good work. If it’s shot in Hungary, if it’s shot in Russia, if it’s shot in America, if it’s shot in England, you just want to do something you can stand up and say I’m proud of it.

about her fashion taste;

I don’t like pink and I am not into girlie stuff, bows and frills, intensegary looking things.

about Merlin;

It’s a completely different take on the legend. It borrows from all the legends. Because it’s not based on actual fact it can be taken as it intenseits us and the audience.

about her character of Lady Morgana in Merlin;

She is Uther’s ward. The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She is in control and she can manipulate all the men. She’s very interesting, great fun to play. Not your average, retiring type of girl. She’s a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl.

about the casting process for Merlin;

I was so scared. I was like, ‘they’re going to re-cast me, they’re going to re-cast me. I’ve got to do a good job’ and I walk in and Giles from Buffy [Anthony Head] is there. I was just like ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’- CTV.ca, August 2009.

about her style;

I went through a real punk stage: I had braids, red hair, pink hair, green hair, I cut it into a Mohawk, the lot. Then about five years ago, I dyed it dark and stayed out of the intensen to get pale, because I hated looking like everyone else, all blonde hair and tanned skin. – Instyle, October 2008.

about college;

I wasn’t the biggest fan of college because I was so desperate to get started on life. I went for four years but I never really physically went. I’d turn up to hand in my essays but that was about it. – Tribune Magazine, December 2008.

about her childhood;

I was a strange child. I was the kid with funny hair listening to dodgy music […] I’d come in with my hoodie and skate-shoes, with purple hair under the hood. I got away with it because I spent all my time in the art room, so they figured I was ‘artistic’. I was that kind of kid, listening to Green Day and the Deftones and all that kind of thing. – Tribune Magazine, December 2008.

on her career move;

I’d love a career like Kate Winslet. She makes blockbusters; she makes weird movies; she still has a family and she seems really grounded. – Tribune Magazine, December 2008.

about working as a wardrobe assistant on The Tudors;

It was feet-first, in at the deep end and trying to swim. And it turned out to be great fun. It was one of the best jobs I ever had. They’re all amazing people and I was working under Joan Bergin who’s possibly one of the best costume designers in the world. It was fantastic but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just floating along, being myself.

what she wanted to be when she was young;

The first thing I ever wanted to be was a backup singer for Guns ‘n’ Roses. – Tribune Magazine, December 2008.

on using hairproducts;

If I leave my hair, I look like Pocahontas, so I’ve been known to use eight different products at once just to make it do anything. – Instyle, October 2008.

about being recognized;

That’s the one question everybody asks! I actually got recognized for the first time the other night, and I think it was possibly only because I was standing right next to Colin [Morgan, aka Merlin himself]. It doesn’t happen often because [the character] is intensech a huge transformation for me. People don’t expect to see you in normal clothes because they’re so used to seeing you in the gowns and dresses.

about the possibility of a second season of Merlin;

Obviously we hope it’s going to go ahead. We don’t know yet though, to be honest with you. For me I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t go ahead. We’ve left all of our characters on intensech a cliffhanger that you’d feel it wasn’t finished unless you got a chance to see them through. Especially my character, because all her best stuff is yet to come. It’s a show that’s only going to get better!

about her hairstyles;

I have to keep my hair long for my role in Merlin, but because I know I can’t cut it, all I want to do is shave it off! – Instyle, October 2008.

about her costumes on Merlin;

I also have the best costumes. They’re not the most forgiving, but they’re stunning. Every time I put them on I feel like a princess.

about her type of guys;

I go for really smart guys, ones who are well-read and can banter and argue. Men need to be able to take me out and have a few drinks, but by the end of the night we’ll be talking about Nietzsche. – Arena, November 2008.

on deciding to try her hand at acting;

A couple of the producers said I should give acting a try. I just thought, ‘Why not?’ It’s like running away to join the circus, everyone wants to do it when they’re young but then you grow up and get a proper job. But somebody’s got to do it or you wouldn’t have the circus. – Arena, November 2008.

on her co stars;

I’m quite new so having people like Richard Wilson and Anthony Head there who are so easy to talk to is great. It’s daunting but everyone is so nice. Everyone is rooting for you. It’s like a giant family.

On the figurines;

I want to have a little toy version of Morgana. I can then show it to my grandchildren one day. So I can say I used to have a waist. – BBC, September 2008.

on being in Merlin;

Every now and again I’m standing in a corridor asking myself is this real? If you had told me that every day I get into this dress and watch sword fighting and dragons, I’d have thought you were mad. – BBC, September 2008.

Katie’s natural hair color is blonde, so she needs to keep dying it black each three weeks for her role of Morgana in Merlin. As it’s seen on the show, Katie’s hair is down almost to her waist. She only gets extensions for those scenes where her hair is styled wavy.

Katie wears all the time a gold chain watch that belonged to her great-grandmother. She declares it to be her favourite piece of jewellery.

She has a large tattoo inked across the bottom of her lower back that reads ‘Purity’. She also has a tongue ring and several piercings in her ears.

Katie has worked as a receptionist at a piercing studio, in a cocktail bar, for a fashion magazine as a make-up artist for MAC and as a wardrobe assistant on The Tudors.


  • Katie’s favourite episode of Merlin first series is episode 07 The Gates of Avalon.
  • Her proudest acting moment belongs to episode 08 The Beginning of the End in the scenes shared with Asa Butterfield.
  • Books: X-Men, comic books.
  • Bands: Violet Femmes, Guns ‘N Roses, Fight Like Apes and Bloc Party.
  • Morgana (the role Katie plays in Merlin) has always been her favourite character in the Arthurian legend.

She is able to use her natural Irish accent on Merlin, while her Irish co-star Colin Morgan has to use an English one. Because of them both being Irish she had nearly not gotten the part. Luckily for her Colin has a natural talent for accent’s and was able to nail an English accent quite well so she could use her natural Irish accent.

Katie has sought the advice of those cast members with a bigger experience, in particular Richard Wilson and Anthony Head. When she realized Anthony Head would be on the show as well her first reaction was “Oh my God, Oh my God” just like Bradley.

She has also stated at Comic Con 2012 that she was very glad to be co stars with Colin Morgan; “he makes me a better actor”. Were the words of praise she granted Colin. Outside of work Colin and Katie are also good friends.

Katie loved to see Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana immortalized in toy figures, same as it occurred with the Doctor Who. Her dream came true in 2010 when several Merlin action figurines were released.

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