MAR only if you can show legal grounds: for instance, that you received ineffective assistance of counsel or your sentence was not calculated according to the sentencing laws that applied to your case.
Witness may be placed in jail. Supreme Court rules that even though the Sixth Amendment does not make distinctions among trials for different offenses, the right to a jury trial may not apply if the offense is a small one.
Courts exist in a hierarchical structure.
For example minor traffic offences. Motions for judgment as a matter of law may be made at any time before submission of the case to the jury.
Another prospective juror is then called.
The opening statements tell you what the opposing parties claim the facts are, and they outline the evidence by which the parties expect to prove what they say are the facts.

If the party does not fall into one of these four express categories, the court may exercise its discretion to award or deny costs.
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If you miss jury service, the court will never ask a law enforcement officer to collect a fine from you.
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Mistakes are often made during a trial.
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Unless a Notice of Appeal is filed within these time limits the right to appeal may be forfeited.

If you are not selected, you will return to the jury room and may be sent to another courtroom with another panel.
What do you do if you feel the judge is biased?
The defendant in a criminal case has the right to be represented by an attorney.


In order to prevent even the appearance of improper conversation, a wise policy for you to follow is to avoid any contact with the lawyers or the parties.