BBC Merlin season 5 The Disir

As many will agree this episode could as well be loved as hated. Some parts made you just want to cry while others had you roling over the floor laughing. All with all this is probably the most spoken about episode so far, as Merlin himself stated there is no place for Magic in Camelot and sealing Arthur’s fate with that.

The review of Addicted to Media states the following;

“Wow. How is it possible to both love and hate an episode this much? I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer after watching “The Disir” and it has left me quite conflicted.  I’m still trying to figure out whether the several mistakes made in the episode were consistent with the characters’ fears and personalities, or was it just the writers teasing us again with the Big Magic Reveal and ultimately disappointing us again? Ultimately, this is a fantastic episode but one that spells misery and misfortune for Arthur in the years to come.”

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