Hey everyone,

Here’s a sitenews for you all reporting on the progress on the page.

  1. New Tabbed Navigation
    The websites main menu, found at the top of the page has been improved. Under the main points there have been tabbed menu’s added meaning that you can now even easier move from one page to another.
  2. New Portal pages
    The portal pages, such as Biographies, Pictures and Videos have been updated with newly made Avatars for easier navigation and a more visual entirety to the page. All the avatars have been made by me. Keep in mind though that many parts of the website are still under maintenance. Meaning you might still run into dead links, or content not showing.
  3. Updated Episode Guides
    Season 1 – 4 from the episode guides have now been totally reformed. With only season 5 still to go the episode guides now provide information like; air date, viewers, writer, director, actors involved, link to the full scripts and a summary. Along with a completely newly made Banner for each episode and of course accompanied by my very own Merlin Episode Posters.

The page is still a work in progress and I hope you will all keep checking back to the new content added. Should you have any suggestions, comments or questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the field below.